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Pregnancy Massage: Services

Pregnancy Massage

Your therapist is a fully insured, qualified and experienced massage professional with an additional Practitioners' Diploma in Pregnancy Massage.


Massage as a complementary therapy alongside your regular maternity care can be a real benefit in helping to alleviate the aches, pains and other problems associated with pregnancy.

As well as helping you to relax, pregnancy massage has been shown to:

  • improve circulation

  • reduce swelling and oedema

  • reduce muscle tension

  • help prevent varicose veins forming

  • help with breathing

  • help with high blood pressure

  • promote the release of oxytocin

  • reduce stress levels

  • help with nausea

  • increase the release of endorphins which benefits both mother and baby


The treatment will be tailored to suit your particular needs. During the massage, you'll be lying on your side with your head, knees and bump supported by pillows. The therapist will use a combination of massages, stretches and acupressure moves to provide a relaxing experience and help to alleviate any aches, pains and other pregnancy problems.

Postnatal Massage


We understand that together with the joy of your new arrival, you may also, quite naturally, feel tired and in need of 'me time' which is why we also provide postnatal massage. When you book an appointment, we'll talk to you about your particular needs and your treatment will be tailored to suit you.


It may be Swedish massage or a combination of techniques from both Swedish and pregnancy massage and can be taken any time you feel ready.

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